Optima Steamer DMF

Revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapour steam cleaning machine. Using the latest equipment technology, coupled with the unrivalled strength and purity of steam. The Optima Steamer™ DMF Vapour Steam Cleaning Machine can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odours and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals and without creating waste water run-off. Efficient The Optima Steamer™ DMF is ideal for mobile cleaning operations such as mobile auto detailing and commercial cleaning `The Optima Steamer™ DMF is equipped with a diesel burner (U.S. Patent 20120204815 A1) that quickly produces steam in 2 minutes or less and intelligently runs the boiler providing continuous, on demand steam while conserving energy. Thanks to the non-idling burner, the machine minimizes emissions, noise and fuel consumption. The Optima Steamer™ DMF includes a dual spray gun system, which means 2 operators can clean at the same time, still without a loss in steam pressure, heat, or power. Versatile The Optima Steamer™ DMF allows you to adjust the moisture level to optimize the steam output for various cleaning applications. For example, use dry steam for detailing and car interior cleaning; use wet steam for cleaning a heavily soiled truck exterior. The Optima Steamer™ DMF is designed with user-friendliness and safety in mind. Multiple safety features and an automated monitoring system will let the user know when water or fuel is low.


Optima DM/DMF (diesel) Optima DS (diesel)
Pressure (adjustable) 8-10 bar 8-10 bar
Operating temperature 85°C ~ 120°C 85°C ~ 120°C
Boiler temperature (adjustable) 178°C (Max. 200°C) 178°C (Max. 200°C)
Warm-up time 2 ~ 3 minutes 2 ~ 3 minutes
Fuel tank capacity 20 liters 20 liters
The fuel consumption 2 liters/hour 2 liters/hour
Sound pressure level 60 dB 60 dB
Voltage and Frequency 220~240V 50/60Hz 220~240V 50/60Hz
Water tank capacity 20 liters 20 liters (external)
Consumption of water (regulated) 600 cc/min x 2 pistols (Max. 1200 cc/min x 2 pistols) 600 cc/min x 2 pistols (Max. 1200 cc/min x 2 pistols)
Weight 87 kg 96 kg
Dimensions 110[L] x 72[W] x 90[H] cm 78[L] x 50[W] x 76[H] cm
Standard Accessories Steam gun K26 (2pcs), steam hose of 10m (2pcs) Steam gun K26 (2pcs), steam hose of 10m (2pcs)