Optima SD

The new Optima Steamer™ SD is the next step in dry-steam technology, blending the function and convenience of the models leading up to this point with advancements in power, capabilities and features. This new stainless diesel model is our most innovative steam cleaning machine to date.

The Optima Steamer™ SD Vapour Steam Cleaning Machine can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odours and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals and without creating waste water run-off.

The Optima Steamer SD is ideal for mobile cleaning operations delivering complete mobility around your facility and on the road for mobile auto detailing and commercial cleaning.


Specification Standard Metric
Pressure 123.2 psi / max 137.7 psi 8.5 bar / max 9.5 bar
Spraying Temperature < 275°F < 135°C
Preheating time 3 Minutes 3 Minutes
Water Tank Capacity 5 Gallons 19 Litres
Max Flow Rate 0.48 gal/min 1.82 litres/min
Steam Capacity 196.32 lbs/hr 89.05 kg/hr
Diesel Tank 5 Gallons 5 Gallons
Power Requirements 350 Watts, 110 ~ 120V, 50/60Hz. (Available in 220 ~ 240V 50/60Hz)
Weight (Net) 231lbs 105kg
Dimensions [L] x [W] x [H] 35.4 x 20.9 x 32.4 inch 90 x 53 x 82 cm
Fuel Nozzle Flow Rate 1.10 gal/hr at 145 psi (10.0 bar)
Spray Gun Nozzle Length Standard nozzle length: 2.65″ (6.73cm);
Available extended nozzle length: 12″ (30cm), 18″ (45cm), 40″ (100cm)