Optima Steamer™ SE

The new Optima Steamer™ SE is the next step in dry-steam technology, blending the function and convenience of the models leading up to this point with advancements in power, capabilities and features. This new stainless electric model is our most innovative steam cleaning machine to date.

​The Optima SE Series is available in three models; SE [18k], SE [27k] and SE [42k]. Using the latest in steam technology, the Optima can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odours and eliminate harmful pathogens from a variety of surfaces without generating waste water run-off.

The Optima SE is a solely electric model, ideal to use indoors, from industrial kitchens and processing plants to wineries and hospitals (especially because the stainless steel frame is the most cleanly Optima surface).


Specification Optima SE (18k) Optima SE (27k) Optima (42k)
Rated Electric Power 18,040 Watts 27,040 Watts 42,040 Watts
No. Heaters 2 x 9kW 3 x 9kW 4 x 10.5kW
Amperage (Amp) Varies per voltage
Voltage (V) 208V ~ 600V, 3Ph 50 / 60Hz 380V ~ 600V, 3Ph 50 / 60Hz
Phase Three (3) Phase
Direct Water Hook-up Automatic filling feature enabled with a floater switch and a reservoir tank to regulate inlet water pressure
Boiler Vessel 30L (7.92 gals)
Pre-heating Time 6 ~ 7 Minutes
Max Flow Rate 0.24 gal/min
0.20 gal/min (ASME model)
0.32 gal/min
0.27 gal/min (ASME model)
0.44 gal/min
0.39 gal/min (ASME model)
Steam Capacity 70.26 lbs/hr
69.07 lbs/hr (ASME model)
105.38 lbs/hr
103.60 lbs/hr (ASME model)
163.91 lbs/hr
161.16 lbs/hr (ASME model)
Working Pressure (psi) 123.2 psi / max 137.7 psi (8.5 bar / max 9.5 bar)
Boiler Temp 346°F (174°C)
Temperature at Gun Tip 248°F (120°C)
Steam Temperature (Sprayed) Depends on the distance from the gun tip, max <212°F (<100°C) at 0°
Net Weight (Empty) 86kg (189.6 lbs) 95kg (209.4 lbs) 118kg (260.1 lbs)
Net Dimensions 90 x 53 x 82 cm (35.4 x 20.9 x 32.4 inch)
3-Hose Option Yes
Hose Lengths Standard hose length in 33′(10m) 50′(15m), 65′(20m)